Know the Excess of Paving Block

You who live in urban areas is certainly no stranger to paving block material. Building materials made from sand and stucco made of cement and then molded with variations of this form, easy to find on the sidewalk, housing complex, office pages to school. The paving block is a construction material composition, formed from a mixture of cement or other hydraulic adhesive, water and aggregate without or with other additives, which does not lower the quality of the pavement. You can visit our website to know more about paving.

The main function of the paving block is to cover the ground surface. While the colorful pattern has an additional function that is as an aesthetic value of an area. Launched from several sources, this is another advantage of paving blocks that you need to know.

– Easy maintenance

Compared to other types of cover and soil hardening, paving blocks are also very easy to maintain. When the condition is dirty because of soil or other stains, you just have to brush it with soap and clean water. However, if it is already mossy, you can clean it by spraying liquid fungicide. Or can also wet it with a sprinkling of cement powder. But, if you want to save costs, simply by using the lime building, then spread on a paving block that has been moistened with water. Do this when the sun is hot.

– Absorbable

Although it seems that the installation of paving blocks is made locked, this soil coating has a good water absorption. No doubt the balance of groundwater is maintained so as to sustain the load above it. Another advantage you can get when using a paving block as a carport material that ensures the availability of clean groundwater, in order to be drilled or utilized for everyday purposes. In addition, because the weight is lighter than concrete or asphalt, the paving block can be a major support for the foundation of the building, especially the house remains stable.

– Easy to change

No building material can last more than five years, as well as paving blocks. When there is damage or severe disability, this building material is very easy to replace. You can do it yourself by lifting the damaged part, then replace it with a new one. Therefore, when deciding to use this building material as a terrace floor, you should save two or three paving blocks as a backup.