Home Care in New York City are a broad category of health and human services for the home. Home care professionals handle a wide range of responsibilities at a patient’s home, such as providing medical or nursing assistance, post-surgery care, personal care assistance, meal preparation and light housekeeping duties.

What types of continuous home healthcare can I expect?

Some common types of home healthcare services include:

· In-home nursing – In-home nurses can provide intensive medical treatments or skilled nursing in your own private residence. You receive the same level of care from an in-home nurse as you would from a hospital setting at much lower costs.

In-home respite – An in-home respite service provides temporary relief to caregivers who need temporary assistance caring for their loved ones. You can get a break from your caregiving responsibilities and recharge while knowing that qualified and trusted professionals are taking care of your loved one in his or her own home.

· Personal care – If you need help making meals, getting dressed or bathing, personal home caregivers can provide the support you need to remain independent at home. They can help manage medical conditions such as diabetes, provide transportation services and offer companionship for social activities. Home Care in New York City provides excellent services for Northern residents!

How is a home care service member work with the elderly?

· Plan activities for patient’s mental stimulation, physical exercise and socialization.

· Monitor the patient’s medication regimen to ensure proper use and prevent errors.

· Assist with mobility by helping the elderly take walks or get in and out of bed. Home Care Services in New York are provided by Home Care Assistance!

How do I know if my loved one needs home care services?

Home care may be necessary when personal crises or natural occurrences require help but not full-time nursing care. They can also provide assistance when caregivers need a short break from their responsibilities so they can attend to other matters without worrying about their loved ones’ safety.

How a home companion can provide transportation services?

· A companion can provide transportation services to doctors’ appointments, shopping trips and social activities.

· Home Care Assistance is here to help 24/7 with all your needs for home companion services!

How do responsibilities change when the provider is certified?

– Helping with dressing, bathing and eating unless otherwise indicated on care plan

– Preparing special diets as directed by physician or dietician

– Maintaining accurate records of daily observations and changes in physical condition; reporting all serious changes in condition immediately to nurses or other members of healthcare team

– Using equipment safely (e.g., gait belts, wheelchair transfers)

– Assisting with rehabilitation therapies (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy)

Home companion is better than retirement homes?

The companionship provided by a home companion is much better than the impersonal retirement homes. Personalized care from a home companion results in seniors staying healthier, happier and more active.

Home care versus retirement living?


· Companionship & socialization

· Meal preparation & nutritional balance

· Light housekeeping & laundry duties

· Medication reminders & monitoring

· Transportation services (to appointments, shopping etc.)

The best home care advice?

The benefits of home care for the elderly?

· Home care – home healthcare services can be provided in the comfort of the patient’s own home. This results in increased happiness and activity levels which can combat many health-related issues that may arise as an elderly person ages.

Why is Home Care Services important? Many seniors need help maintaining independence at home but don’t need the assistance of a full-time care provider. They may also need help when they are homebound or recovering from an illness or injury. Home Care Assistance offers well trained and compassionate companions for elderly people who want to age in their own homes!

How can I distinguish between needs vs wants?

When making plans, it is important to differentiate between what you actually need and what you think that you might want in terms of senior care services in your area. For example, if you’re hospitalized and cannot bring yourself to eat hospital food, then perhaps all you really need is some simple meal preparation rather than hiring a full-time live-in caregiver.

Home care givers – why not Residential facilities? People who live in retirement homes get treated like children. Their freedom is taken away and they get locked up for safe keeping. At home, people can choose to do whatever they please whenever they want.

I’ve got the role of a home care companion; what should I be aware of?

Home Care Services in New York: A Home Companion’s Responsibilities?

· Starting with light housekeeping and meal preparation, your responsibilities will gradually increase over time as your patient becomes more comfortable and confident around you.

· You may need to perform some household duties such as gardening, laundry etc., on specific days depending on the instructions given by your employer.

· Some senior clients might even ask you to accompany them to their club or social group events on certain days.

Who are Home Care Companions?

A home companion is a certified caregiver who comes to your home and provides care for you on either a live-in or live-out basis. The services they provide depend on your requirements, but can include any of the following:

· Meal preparation

· Housekeeping

· Errands & Transportation

· Assistance with Personal Hygiene

· Medication reminders & monitoring