At Home Companions For Elderly People

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At Home Companions For Elderly People

A live-in aid is a qualified individual who comes to your home to help you. You may hire this person yourself or find one employed by a landlord or other individual. There are some important things to consider before hiring a live-in aid. HUD regulation is unclear and may create problems, but there are ways to get help without compromising your care. Here are the most common requirements for live-in aides.

Your aide must be a relative or a friend. While a family member is more likely to be your friend, you can hire an outsider if your relationship is close. A live-in aide should have their own separate bedroom. It is your responsibility to give your AID the privacy and independence that they need. You must make sure that the person you hire has all the rights you do, and that the person you are hiring is not a sex offender. read more

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Home Companion Services

“Home Companion Services” is a term coined by the National Association of Senior Citizens to describe professional, live-in home care long island companion services for the older adults who live alone at home. Companion services include help with the many responsibilities that come with being an aging senior citizen. The elderly are much more vulnerable than the younger ones and need the support of caring, reliable companions. The best companion services can take many forms, but all of them provide a valuable service. read more

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Selecting Home Companion Care

home companion care

Selecting Home Companion Care

“Home Companion Care of NJ, gives senior citizens the freedom to live happily and independently, in the safety and security of home, while ensuring a comfortable senior living environment. We serve the entire New Jersey area including Union City, Bergen, Jersey City, Union County, West Orange, Edison, Hudson County and Elizabeth. Our staff members offer personalized, compassionate senior living care, home health care services and with an in home companion allowing our clients to live safely, independently and comfortably, as long as they want. read more

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