Senior Home Care and At Home Companions

Private home care is the most popular form of senior care. These services are offered by a variety of organizations, and can range from a few hours to 24 hours. Many of these agencies are located in northern NJ. The cost of hiring a private home carer will vary depending on the type of service, but you can expect a high quality of service. These organizations will provide hourly and live-in care to a wide variety of seniors.

private home care

Some agencies offer non-medical services as well as nursing. They can offer a variety of options for seniors, including personal care, nursing, and other services. Some of these agencies provide around-the-clock service to fit the needs of their clients. Typically, private home care agencies have flexible scheduling and can match caregivers with their clients based on their skills, preferences, and budget. This flexibility helps private home care agencies increase profits and ensure a seamless relationship. read more

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Services That Assisted Living Agencies Offer

assisted living

Services That Assisted Living Agencies Offer

Assisted living facilities allow senior residents to retain their independence while maintaining their dignity. They provide private home care to residents, assisting them in bathing, dressing, moving and grooming. They assist residents’ privacy, independence and dignity while also focusing on family and community involvement. Visitors can usually come to an assisted living center at any time of day and even remain overnight if wanted. Most facilities offer twenty-four hours on premise supervision. read more

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