Live-In Aide – How Senior Care Agencies Offer Assisted Living

Live-in aides provide a valued service to senior citizens, Disabled persons, and people with limited mobility. The definition of live-in aide is someone who live-in with one or more vulnerable adults, disabled people, or other vulnerable persons, and who:

” vicariously” – someone who acts in a capacity that contributes to the care of another; someone who shares the duties and responsibilities of another for the benefit of that other. An example might be a maid who works at a nursing home and takes care of the elderly, but not the patient. She would be considered a live-in aid, because she provides a companion to a senior citizen, but not a direct physical support. A live-in aid might also provide companionship for a patient in a mental health hospital, but not the direct care of that patient. read more

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Benefits of Companions For Elderly Individuals

Companion care is a growing part of senior home care services. This is because people of all ages need companionship and interaction in order to maintain their independence. Senior home care provides companionship in the form of professional medical assistants, housekeepers, and personal assistants. Home and companions can also provide companionship in the form of service aides and companions who are training to provide companionship in various settings.

companions for elderly

It’s important to determine what type of companion you are looking for in order to select a professional service that matches your needs the best. If you are looking for companionship in the home environment, then you might want to consider an in home caregiver. An in home caregiver offers assistance in the normal daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, shopping, errands, and more. They may also offer companionship services in various environments such as nursing homes, hotels, residential homes, and senior communities. read more

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What is Assisted Living?

assisted living

What is Assisted Living?

The phrase “assistant for elderly” can be confusing. A few years back, there was a time when assisted living meant an unpaid maid. Now, the services offered by this profession include home healthcare services for the elderly, as well as many other services for our aging community. Senior Citizens and their companions deserve dignified treatment in their own homes. We provide compassionate, quality care by providing companions for the elderly, assisted living, or in-home supportive care. read more

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Home Companion Services

“Home Companion Services” is a term coined by the National Association of Senior Citizens to describe professional, live-in home care long island companion services for the older adults who live alone at home. Companion services include help with the many responsibilities that come with being an aging senior citizen. The elderly are much more vulnerable than the younger ones and need the support of caring, reliable companions. The best companion services can take many forms, but all of them provide a valuable service. read more

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