At Home Companions – Safe, Compassionate, and Affordable

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At Home Companions – Safe, Compassionate, and Affordable

Are you in need of a companion for a loved one? Whether you need hourly care or a 24 hour live-in caregiver, you can find quality care from At Home Companions. Their highly-trained companions will offer safe, compassionate care, while remaining affordable. If you are a caregiver yourself, here are some tips to help you find the right companion. Read on to learn more about the different types of companions available.

A nurse should come as often as the doctor orders. They will check vital signs, pain, and safety in the home. The caregiver must be able to communicate with the patient and provide individualized care. They also should be able to coordinate with other providers and ensure the patient receives the best possible care. This means that it is important to find someone who knows the patient well enough to provide individualized care. Once you’ve decided on a home health agency, make sure you’re comfortable with its mission statement. read more

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A Nursing Home Assistant Can Be the Best Help For Your Loved One

Senior home care typically means a mix of skilled and non-skilled medical and in-home personal care services which enable elderly and disabled people to live as independently as possible in their homes, provided they have the facilities and staff that they need. Senior home care services differ from other types of service in many ways, such as the level of assistance provided, the extent of care given, the age and condition of the recipients, their ability to interact with others and the duration of the services required. As most seniors will live longer than the average person, the need for in home care for senior citizens is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. read more

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All About Home Healthcare

home healthcare

All About Home Healthcare

Home healthcare has many different forms. It can mean custodial or live-in care; personal home care, or private home care; and senior home companion services, or senior home care. These various forms of home healthcare can be provided by the same individual or company, or it can be provided by an agency that caters to just one particular segment of the population. Private home care is generally provided by people who work for a company that provides personal care products and services for their employees, the elderly, and the disabled. Companion services are usually provided by people who are either retired, in recovery, or are caring for a loved one who is unable to care for himself/herself on their own. read more

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How Can an In Home Caregiver Help Ensure Your Senior Serves in Their Home?

There are several benefits of hiring a home care professional to assist you in your home. You can have companionship with an in home caregiver who can help you with various tasks. Home health aides can help you maintain a sense of independence and reduce the risk of disability. You can also benefit from home companion services when you are getting older. Seniors that are experiencing memory issues or arthritis may benefit from companionship.

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There is also a decrease in the number of nursing home patients when you choose to work with private caregivers. This is due to the increase in longevity of patients and the need for home care that cannot be handled by a nursing home staff member. Aides can often offer companionship services including housekeeping, light housekeeping, shopping and errands. When you hire an in home caregiver, it can help you save money on health care costs while receiving medical assistance. read more

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Senior Home Companion Services – Enhancing Senior Citizen’s Lifestyle

Senior Home Companion Services covers a broad spectrum of senior home assistance services. They include home assistance services, home maintenance services, help with personal care needs, errands and shopping, bathing and hair care, housecleaning, transportation, meals served, medical assistance, companionship (walking), gardening, companionship (interacting with others), medical equipment or aide, personal care, recreation, companionship and support services. These services may be offered in an in-home environment or through an assisted living facility. The in-home environment usually involves having someone that the senior in-home care chooses to stay with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This may be a friend or a family member but it can also be a service provider such as a nurse or a personal assistant. read more

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