Assisted Living: A General Overview

An assisted living home or assisted living center is a residential living facility specifically for the elderly or for those who otherwise can’t or don’t want to live on their own. Some assisted living centers are long term care facilities. Others offer “in home” or short-term care to help the elderly maintain their dignity in their homes, whether they need routine medical care or need help grooming, getting into and out of bed, or just having someone to talk to. An in home caregiver provides companionship, but does not provide independent living skills. They are typically trained in basic emergency preparedness and safety, but not in the ability to provide independent living. read more

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Live-In Aide – How Senior Care Agencies Offer Assisted Living

Live-in aides provide a valued service to senior citizens, Disabled persons, and people with limited mobility. The definition of live-in aide is someone who live-in with one or more vulnerable adults, disabled people, or other vulnerable persons, and who:

” vicariously” – someone who acts in a capacity that contributes to the care of another; someone who shares the duties and responsibilities of another for the benefit of that other. An example might be a maid who works at a nursing home and takes care of the elderly, but not the patient. She would be considered a live-in aid, because she provides a companion to a senior citizen, but not a direct physical support. A live-in aid might also provide companionship for a patient in a mental health hospital, but not the direct care of that patient. read more

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