Senior Home Companion Services – Enhancing Senior Citizen’s Lifestyle

Senior Home Companion Services covers a broad spectrum of senior home assistance services. They include home assistance services, home maintenance services, help with personal care needs, errands and shopping, bathing and hair care, housecleaning, transportation, meals served, medical assistance, companionship (walking), gardening, companionship (interacting with others), medical equipment or aide, personal care, recreation, companionship and support services. These services may be offered in an in-home environment or through an assisted living facility. The in-home environment usually involves having someone that the senior in-home care chooses to stay with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This may be a friend or a family member but it can also be a service provider such as a nurse or a personal assistant.

senior home companion services

A personal care aide, usually referred to as a personal care assistant, is someone who assists individuals with their personal needs in the senior home environment. The personal care aide will take care of basic needs such as bathing, dressing, feeding, taking vital signs, walking, using the toilet, moving to a room that requires further screening, and other similar tasks. This person will be trained in assisting with activities of daily living such as eating, walking, dressing and other tasks. They are also trained in the use of medical aids such as the mobility scooter. Some personal care assistants also provide companionship services to the senior in-home care. This may involve walking the senior around the neighborhood, shopping for groceries, cooking and other tasks that the senior may require.

There are many senior home companion services that are provided by many senior home care facilities. These services include but are not limited to: housekeeping, laundry, housecall service, transportation assistance, shopping for the senior in-home or shopping for groceries at the senior home. This type of elderly care is provided by the facility rather than an outside agency. However, many senior home care agencies do have an in home caregiver program.

Housekeeping involves maintaining the senior home care recipient’s residence in excellent condition. This generally includes: vacuuming, dusting, wiping floors, removing stains, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, etc. Housekeeping staff must be able to work in a group setting. However, it may also be the responsibility of the resident to attend to these duties on their own. All senior home care recipients will need assistance in the bathroom and kitchen areas.

Housecall service can be a lifesaver for seniors who are in need of help but cannot get outside of the home. For example, a senior may fall at home and then cannot get outside to retrieve a towel or find the ingredients to make a meal. A call center employee can call for help as soon as possible and alert the home care team to prepare meals as soon as they are available.

Transportation is another major responsibility that falls to the shoulders of senior home companion services. If the senior in-home resident is unable to perform the simple tasks of getting up from the bed or bathroom to visit a loved one, then transportation may become necessary. Senior citizens become dependent on their family members to get them where they want to go. They also become somewhat suspicious when someone does not come in promptly to pick them up.

Many seniors may receive an assortment of medical needs throughout their lifetime. For these individuals, home health care may be required. This is a health care service that is sometimes offered in addition to in home care. Health care professionals provide assessments and recommendations for improving health. These services include physical exams, medication teaching, nutrition education and more.

Senior companion services are a wonderful way to enhance the senior citizen’s lifestyle. The services are often offered at minimal costs to increase income for families. When a senior citizen’s well-being is put first, they can live a much longer and more fulfilling life.