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What Are Companion Care Services?

“At Home Companion” refer to independent living aides who are residents of a facility, whether they live there full time or part time, providing companionship. They may be skilled in many different tasks including but not limited to cleaning, laundry, errands running, shopping, meals preparation, medication reminders, transportation, companionship, bathing, toileting, companionship, shopping, and errands. As the name implies, these live-in assistants are independent. These live-in companions provide their own personal care in exchange for a small monthly or yearly fee. Some have medical conditions, thus their duties may differ slightly from those of regular residents. read more

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Using Companion Care Technology To Reduce The Emotional Support Needed

A senior home care service offers the unique opportunity for companion care by employing trained, licensed caregivers who have expertise in many areas of complementary medicine. Companion services encompass: home health maintenance, home support, personal care, medical assisting, health promotion, and dementia prevention/care. In the home, the client’s safety and quality of life are our first priority. Companion services offer daily personalized assistance in the areas of: housekeeping, laundry, meals preparation/preparation, transportation, errands, shopping, light housekeeping, preparing meals, bathing, dressing, grooming, and managing physical disabilities. Companion home care is provided by trained and licensed personnel who possess the necessary skills to provide consistent, safe care that enhances the senior’s quality of life. read more

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Choosing Wisely Your Senior Home Companion Services Staff

Long island home care is a combination of in home care and home services that can help the senior independent living with their disabilities. Senior home companion services offer live-in personal care assistance. Senior home companions can assist with everyday errands, shopping, laundry, housework, cooking, errands, gardening, and more. They can provide personal care, emotional support, and companionship. Senior home companions can also help with small repairs, meal preparation, shopping, and errands. In home services include: read more

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Assisted Living: A General Overview

An assisted living home or assisted living center is a residential living facility specifically for the elderly or for those who otherwise can’t or don’t want to live on their own. Some assisted living centers are long term care facilities. Others offer “in home” or short-term care to help the elderly maintain their dignity in their homes, whether they need routine medical care or need help grooming, getting into and out of bed, or just having someone to talk to. An in home caregiver provides companionship, but does not provide independent living skills. They are typically trained in basic emergency preparedness and safety, but not in the ability to provide independent living. read more

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