Home Companion Services

“Home Companion Services” is a term coined by the National Association of Senior Citizens to describe professional, live-in home care long island companion services for the older adults who live alone at home. Companion services include help with the many responsibilities that come with being an aging senior citizen. The elderly are much more vulnerable than the younger ones and need the support of caring, reliable companions. The best companion services can take many forms, but all of them provide a valuable service.

“Home Companion Services” provides personalized, confidential care to the elderly citizens in communities throughout Lower NJ. “At Home Companion Services” is a unique and innovative service providing elderly care, home health care, personal care and other in-home care services to the elderly adults in the surrounding area. “Home Companion Services” also offers in-home supportive care for chronic disease conditions, non-medical care, home health maintenance, nutrition, self-reliance, and safety programs and social activities for senior citizens. Services provided by “At Home Companion Services” include the following: housekeeping, laundry, errands, shopping, transportation, companionship, shopping lists, light housekeeping, gardening, companionship, medical care, physician referral, home healthcare administration, assistance with legal, medical and financial matters, management and supervision in everyday living activities and life at home. This company offers a variety of services and has many years of experience providing excellent care to the elderly citizens in a safe, loving and supportive environment. These services are provided by highly qualified individuals who have a passion for helping others.

“Home Companion Services” gives elderly people the freedom of independence and at the same time gives them the comfort of familiarity. These elderly citizens do not have to be left all by themselves. The “Home Companion Services” staffs ensure that these senior citizens have a pleasant stay in their own home by providing them with personalized, attentive care. They provide personalized, courteous and professional service with an aim to giving the most satisfactory level of care to all senior citizens.

These elderly community services are committed to the entire family and take extra measures to make sure that they are satisfied with their services. They provide personalized care, attention, companionship and safety within the home environment. These services combine love, understanding and professional expertise to meet the needs of the seniors. These services employ a team of trained, compassionate, non-judgmental and well-trained personal support workers who can work in close coordination with the doctors and physicians.

In order to avail of these at home companionship services, you must first fill up an application form which will contain some important information. The form may include the details of your current place of residence as well as the kind of at home care services you want. You may also want to state whether you are completely satisfied and ready for home care or if you require assistance on a part-time or even full-time basis. You may also want to state your age and other essential information like your marital status and the number of working adults in your household.

Once your application is received by the concerned home care agency, a suitable match will be made with a limited number of trained and experienced personal support workers. These caregivers are carefully selected from the applicants by the agency. This process goes on until you find the one you are comfortable with, who suits your requirements best.

One of the most important tasks of the at home companions is to help the seniors live an independent life as much as possible. The goal of these personal care assistants is not only to provide companionship but also to improve the senior’s self-image and dignity. It is the ultimate goal of the agency to make these older adults feel that they are being taken care of well while at home. The greatest advantage of this type of home health care service is that it provides skilled nursing care and emotional support that are often neglected by the caregivers during their stay in the nursing facility.

Most people tend to think of companionship as consisting mainly of non-medical care. However, companion care involves professional nursing care, emotional support and care of common personal hygiene habits, such as bathing, dressing and eating. These services are usually offered by the local senior care agency which operates under a community voluntary agreement. Although this type of arrangement was traditionally designed for the elderly, this practice is now being extended to younger aged people, as well. This has been successful in reducing the ratio of people requiring long term or residential care in nursing homes. However, as the population ages, companion care is set to become a permanent feature of senior care for the vast majority of people.